Sarjapur – The Hottest Investment Bangalore

Over the years, the real estate scenario has undergone a lot of changes tanks to the IT boom that Banglore saw. From being a quiet place offering excellent weather conditions to becoming the most technologically advanced city in India. This meant that there was an immediate need to restructure and add to the social infrastructure. So property investment in Banglore would be necessary. These changes saw a lot of change to the demographics of the city as well since the IT boom brought in a lot of young professionals who took up jobs in the IT sector. This automatically saw a shift in the purchasing power in the city.

Once the promoter and developers realized that they were short on space, they started looking for places that could be termed as developed property as some of the traditional places of were spilling over with the number of inhabitants. There were quite a few areas which were lying undeveloped and soon these areas started gaining in popularity.

Property Investment Banglore

As population increased, there was need for higher number of residential units which these previously undeveloped areas were the answer to.  Seeing that the number of residential properties were on the rise, companies did not miss out on this opportunity as well. A number of organisations decided to set up offices in these areas and this led to further development. One of the most prominent areas which gained popularity in this time as a real estate hotspot was Sarjapur. Let’s see what are the reasons that this area became so popular in a city which is known to be the real estate hotspot.

Social infrastructure- there is various educational institutes for courses like hotel management and engineering. Apart from this, there is a large lake nearby which is a nice complementary gift for the citizens along with the SEZ park and the greenery that comes with it.

Connectivity- this is what gives the prime locations around the world its reason to get that tag. The fact that Sarjapur is located close to the Outer Ring Road makes it easily accessible. It is also located close to the IT hub which is believed to have as many as 2 lakh employees.

What happens later- Sarjapur has one main advantage over most of the other locations. This area still has some time to go till it fills up as compared to most of the others. This is why the prices for this location have not reached what it should once the area starts filling up.

Cost of real estate- this is one of the main factors which leads to one deciding whether to buy a property or not irrespective of whether it is for investment purposes purely or just to live in. The cost of property in Sarjapur is more than favorable and is expected to keep rising till it reaches its tipping point.

The areas which were previously considered to be on the periphery of the main city were suddenly considered to be among the new hotspots due to the amount of development those places experienced. It is just what the doctor ordered, especially as you now get to travel to important industrial destinations, the airport, the neighbouring townships and all the best vacation spots. Finding a property close to the state border is very easy, especially as zones like Villas on Sarjapur road are expanding fast. You will find yourself comfortably commuting to Whitefield, some of the most beautiful hill stations and all the right destinations for holidaying.

With gated communities becoming increasingly popular these days, you have no reason the fret over the seemingly scanty population in such areas. Remember, if you choose a self-sufficient community, that’s all you will need for family living!

We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.


We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.

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