How To Prevent Hair Loss On Eyebrows?

The beauty of a woman does not lie with the cloths that she carries but the way she maintains her appearance.  There lies the real persona of a lady.  Every one of us wants a healthy and thick eyebrow.  Who doesn’t want to look gorgeous in thick and shiny eyebrows?  Maintaining healthy eyebrows are not only popular among the females but also to men. However no one care much about it. We cannot control everything but it is put on our face to remind us its worthiness.

Hair transplant in Ludhiana offers best treatment in case someone is suffering from acute hair loss in their eye brows. The loss of hair in the eyebrows can happen for several reasons. It is important to identify the correct reasons, based on which people can get the best treatment for it. Hair transplant in Ludhiana can be considered as one of the suitable places where the treatment for hair loss in eyebrows, is provided with due care as well as with good outcome.

How To Care Eyebrow Hairs?

Sure many of people around the globe are trying their best to maintain a sharp appeal but due to lack of awareness they become gradually eye brow less. Eyebrows are hairs that needs equal nourishment as that of our hair. We usually give a lot of importance to the hairs that grow in the head. Rather forgetting the essence of natural hair growth in the eyebrows. Now the question arise how can maintain a healthy hair growth in the eyebrows with the growing age like hair in head.  Now we know that hair is hygroscopic. That means that hair absorbs water content from humid air and releases moisture in dry air.  Hence it is our foremost duty to always maintain the water level of the hair. So here are few wonderful tips to follow up in day to day life with basic natural ways.

  • Moisturizing the eye bro hairs with essential oil, coconut oil or any hair massaging oil before bedtime.
  • Avoid over plucking as it may damage the hair follicles.  Brush the hair before and after plucking as it reduces any unwanted strain on the eyebrows.
  • Always use clean tweezers before using in the eyebrows as often bacterial growth takes place that we are often unaware.
  • The most basic thing that everyone can follow is to have a healthy diet particularly rich in vitamins and protein. Vitamins help in nourishing the hair follicles and protein is crucial as maximum portion of hair is composed of protein.
  • Basic exercise is an important part of our daily lifestyle. It is as important for our head hair growth as for the eyebrows. From the very common point of view it helps in reducing the stress level which also promotes hair loss.
  • Stay away from bad habits like smoking and excessive intake of alcohol as it inhibits the process of hair growth. Hormones play an important role to maintain the balance within the body. And where this balance is out with hormonal imbalance the tiny hairs in the eyebrows are also become the victim. So always keep an eye in the hormonal balance system.
  • Daily use of strong make up such as color can be harmful for the tiny hairs in the eyebrow. Although applying eyebrow pencil is considered to be good for the healthy growth.

Here some simple eyebrows home formula’s

eyebrow care

Now mentioning some very important products readily available in the market


Eyebrow Hair loss Treatment

Apart from the natural remedies there are also available some treatment solutions to regain hair on the eyebrows in the situation where the condition is adverse. Thyroid problem is such an important cause of the eyebrow hair loss. So doctors often advice to keep a checkout routine to maintain thyroid level. Hence this hair loss treatment also follows with the thyroid checkup treatment. And rectifying issue as per the report. As the thyroid level is fine within the body without causing any imbalance, these may also cure the hair regrowth process.

Eyebrow hair loss transplant:

Transplantation often required for those who have permanent hair loss in their eyebrow. These are the extreme cases often result from tattoo within the eyebrow area. This takes place with the help of removing some body part hairs and replacing them with the eyebrow hairs. The process takes few days to few months to recover depending upon the health condition. And finally it’s the basic habit in our daily routine that makes our appeal gorgeous.

Janki is a graphic designer. She has created so many logo for local brands and icons for android and ios mobile apps. Moreover she likes to write on web design and development, graphic design, etc.

Janki Rathore

Janki is a graphic designer. She has created so many logo for local brands and icons for android and ios mobile apps. Moreover she likes to write on web design and development, graphic design, etc.

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