Ola and Uber’s Cabs Strike Together Leaving Their Passengers Inconvenient

The continuous strike by the application-based cab drivers of the Uber and Ola left the people stranded for the second sequential day on Saturday. In the morning of Friday, the cab drivers of Uber and Ola were seen to stopping their cabs from brings together on Mehrauli -Gurgaon Road and the different parts of the city.

As the result, however, it was not as bad as on Friday because it was the weekend and since the drivers already knew about the strike. Cab drivers are attached to the Ola and Uber have been on strike from Friday morning and are demanding the revision of rates and the execution of the life insurance cover for the cab drivers. On Saturday, the cab drivers gave a call for an uncertain hunger strike until their request are met and sat on a protest at the Jantar Mantar in New Delhi.

Strike by Ola and Uber:

At least 5,000 drivers of online taxi platforms like Ola which is an ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd and the Uber Technologies Inc. arrange a protest in the Central Delhi on Friday opposite to the suspension of incentives by the cab companies. Disgruntled drivers said that their income had come down to as low as Rs20, 000 per month and making it a hard for them to build ends meet and service loans for their own vehicles.

At the same time the Ola and Uber have various payment structures Ola pays for a single trip and the Uber on the basis of number of kilometers clocked by the driver incentives over and above the expense were stopped completely in the last two months and this detail was said by Ravi Rathore, vice-president of Sarvodaya and he is a Driver Association of Delhi which formed by the protest on Friday. The strike by drivers of application-based cab aggregators turned into violent late on the Tuesday night as some unknown protesters set a cab on fire near the Green Valley in Indirapuram which is located in Ghaziabad.

Rahul Kumar, The cab driver said that he managed for Uber and has lodged a police complaint. Kumar, who is from Vijay Nagar, said that the protesters allegedly to canceled the cab returning from the Vaishali and decant some combustible substance before setting it on fire. There were nearly 15-20 protesting drivers who were hanging over around on bikes. They fire stones and I had to stop before they feed the inflammable substance and set my car on fire. They took away the mobile got burnt inside the car so it also lost. I have been driving the cab for Uber for the past 3-4 months, which was said by Rahul.

The strike by the Uber and Ola drivers, meanwhile, diminish on Wednesday morning, as provocative drivers turned into violent. Office-goers had to once again recur to substitute ways to reach their workplace while the autos are reportedly declined to go by the meter. The situation of the drivers, who returned to work, being attacked and their cars getting vandalized, was reported from over the Capital; however, no police complaint was made in that.

After a meeting with Rajdhani Tourist Driver Union representatives and managements of Ola cab and Uber cab, therefore the government said, “It was firmly suggested to the firms to look into the issue faced by the drivers. Most of the drivers are not in support of any strike but some outer anti-social elements are illegally forbidden the application-based drivers from the plying their vehicles”.

The transport minister Satyendra Jain also pointed his department to inform the Delhi Police about the locations where group’s chief the protest are attacking the workers and make sure the criminal complaints are become fixed.

Travel Woes:

On Wednesday morning of the month, very few cabs were available to the consumers. Therefore the waiting time for each human being is more than 15 minutes and rush became high among the users.

Customers said that the auto drivers also took the advantage of the situation and charged large amounts from the passengers for the rides because there is no other option for the people so they have to pay what they are charged. Instead of cooperating, the auto drivers are having a peak time to earn money. People will have to pay what they asked when they have no option, and this was said by one of the passengers who is the regular customer for Ola and Uber.

One auto driver told me that it returns time as these cab aggregators had taken away from their firm from them. He said that all their users had shifted to the Ola and Uber and they had incurred losses in their revenue. So, now they have a chance to get back the loss. In the middle of all this, it is the user who suffers. How do we get to the work? These cabs made commuting so comfortable that we have now grown used to them and rely on them; this was said by another commuter.

Strike Turns Violent:

At the same time, Rahul Kumar, whose cab was burnt on a Tuesday night said that he tried to request with the protesters that it was his brother’s car. “My car got stolen by the previous year and I had roped the car which is owned by the brother. They did not care to my request and set the car on fire by pouring the kerosene,” Kumar said.

The police said that they are trying to follow the criminal who involved in the incident. The police officer says that they have registered a FIR against the criminal who set the cab on fire. Investigation about the cab is on and police deployed to verify activities of the protesters.

Rahul, the driver, had dropped a traveler at the place of Vaishali Sector-5 and was returning to home when his car was stopped by several bike-borne men near Green the Valley Road in the Indirapuram. The fire safety officer says that they got a call from the control room about the incident occur in the area. By the time they reached the spot but the cab was already in flames. The worker of the cab had de-boarded and did not get any injuries and he told to them, that the car was set on fire by some protesters.

During the past several days, there has been a small strike by the agitated cab drivers near the area like Vaishali, Kaushambi Metro stations in the Ghaziabad and also close to the Delhi-border areas. Two days back, they also blocked by the operating cabs and broke the windscreens, punctured car tyres near the Vaishali metro station. Tuesday, more than a 15 drivers also staged a sit-in outside of Vaishali metro station and get the spot after it was informed by the people. Over 1.5 lakh such cabs use in the Delhi-NCR on a daily basis. The strike situation could have been bad but the kaali-peeli taxi and a part of auto-rickshaw unions drag out of the strike on the Sunday after a meeting with the transport minister.

On the early week, the Delhi government also assembles a meeting between the representatives of Rajdhani Tourist Driver Union and the managements of Uber and Ola. The meeting, however, did not contain anybody from the union. Cabily Script is a clone of Uber, which developed by the tech gigs of his company.

Dhruv is working as a digital marketer and social media expert. He likes to write on gadgets and technology. When he is not working, then he is busy with listening songs and watching movies.

Dhruv Salunke

Dhruv is working as a digital marketer and social media expert. He likes to write on gadgets and technology. When he is not working, then he is busy with listening songs and watching movies.

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