How SMAC Technology Could Reshape Business Ecosystem?

Social, Media, Analytics and Cloud aka SMAC is a nexus of four cutting-edge and advance technologies that are driving businesses today. According to industry experts, SMAC is set to become a powerful and influential fusion of business technologies enabling businesses to get past the curve. So is SMAC technology turning out to be the best pick-me-up technology for businesses?

The volume of both structured as well as unstructured data generated through website browsing, social media networks and mobile devices is colossal and can be of great use for businesses if used in a tactful manner.

SMAC is serving as the perfect breeding ground nurturing the most apt ecosystem enabling businesses to improve their operations and reach as well as understand their customers more tactfully without bombing their budgets. This undoubtedly is a boon for small businesses (SMBs) and start-ups.

This is the reason why industry experts are predicting SMBs to be the key drivers of SMAC technology in the near future. This disruptive technology is anticipated to open up new avenues for small businesses and start-ups and thus, it would be fascinating to see how businesses fare in this game

Why SMAC would be the next big thing?

A customer or prospect putting up queries or feedbacks on the social media handle of a business/brand and receiving prompt response for the same is one of the biggest examples of how the SMAC technology is reviving customer-business relationships.

As social networks utilize cloud technology and with half the population of our planet hooked to smartphones, it is much easier for them to access these networks. This calls for precise analytics that businesses can carry out to determine as how, when and where a user is driven towards a specific product or service.

Another spot-on example of SMAC is Netflix. For example, when a user streams a movie or TV serial from Netflix’s cloud server on his computer, he would receive an option to sign in into his Netflix account via Facebook. Now after logging in through Facebook and watching the serial or movie, Netflix asks the user for his feedback. User gets the option post his reviews, share comments or rate the recently watched movie or serial or he can simply opt to make a Facebook post about the same right from his system. Now here comes the punch. Since all the data is stored and maintained on cloud servers enabling Netflix to break down as well as analyze this data at such granular level so as to provide the user with preferences or interests based suggestions or to give out personalized suggestions to each user.

So what’s in store for us?

Technology as all know is moving at warp speed. SMAC and the Internet of Things (IoT) are fast becoming key driving factorsbehind the rapidly evolving digital business ecosystem. Moreover, technological advancement occurring at a breakneck speed has led to the emergence of numerous SMAC technology vendors offering budget-friendly, customizable, scalable and agile SMAC solutions on plate for businesses of all sizes operating across diverse industry verticals.

More or less, businesses ought to be proactive in adopting the SMAC technology. Also, it should form the crux of future business plans. To conclude, a business that acknowledges the prowess of SMAC technology and harnesses the same across key business operations is destined to reach new altitudes with improved customer relationships, retention and revenue.

Dhruv is working as a digital marketer and social media expert. He likes to write on gadgets and technology. When he is not working, then he is busy with listening songs and watching movies.

Dhruv Salunke

Dhruv is working as a digital marketer and social media expert. He likes to write on gadgets and technology. When he is not working, then he is busy with listening songs and watching movies.

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