How To Create Pie Chart In Illustrator?

Simple pie chart in Illustrator

How to create simple pie chart in illustrator. This tutorial is for beginners of this graphic software.

First of all create new file from File menu or use ctrl+N short cut key. So it will open this box. Set Width and Height according to your requirement. Generally, set 500×500 pixels to draw shape in square. To make circular pie chart, we need exact square art-board. So here I set Units as ‘Pixels’ and set 500 px width and height. You can give Name to this document also. Then click on OK button.

create file

On this blank art-board, outline one round with stroke only. Tool selection short cut key is ‘L’. There is no requirement of fill color right now. Press shift key and outline a circle. So you can draw exact circle like this for pie chart. You can set stroke value as ‘2 pt’ to see the corner point perfectly.

draw circleUsing this selection on, select pen tool. It’s short cut key is ‘P’. Maybe you have question in mind, why should you continue the circle selection? We need this selection ‘ON’ for the center point location. As a result, we start partition from the center. Using pen tool, first click on that center point and start drawing portion as per requirement. If you want straight line in first part, then press shift key to draw the straight line. Here I have done first partition.

first partition

Keep Going With Same Steps :

Now sketch the next part with the same center location & just deselect it after finishing. Again click on the center point to sketch next divider. Don’t confuse on the above instruction. Click on select menu > deselect. So it will deselect the partition and you can chalk out next subdivide with the same spot again.

In the below image of making pie chart, I started to sketch next part. After finishing second portion, I will deselect it. If you don’t deselect that partitioning and try to draw next part, then at the center point you will see pen tool with minus sign. It mean you want to delete that spot. So don’t forget to deselect subdivide after each part in pie chart.

next part

I have done so many partitioning as per my requirement for pie chart. Suppose if you want to draw large portion,then let’s see how to do it? Don’t sketch line above the oval, otherwise you will face problem to delete outer points in next steps. Try to draw points outside the shape. See the below image.

all partitions

After drawing all dividing up, we need to cut oval’s portion according to it. So select all things using ctrl+A. From the pathfinder menu, click on ‘Divide’ option. So it will cut portion as per oval’s edge. Now delete points outside the oval.

cut partition

How to remove outer points?

I use Direct Selection Tool (short cut key ‘A’) to remove points outside the circle. Select outer points and remove one by one.

After deleting outer points, you can see the center has so many corner lines. Select that corner point Convert those lines to round corners and make them smooth using stroke menu. Now it’s time to fill the color as per shades or different.

corner points

Select any partition and fill color. Then go to color guide for different shades or fill color as per your choice by selecting each part individually.

Finally, select all parts and set stroke to nil. You can select each part using Direct Selection Tool and show the gap between other parts.

pie chart in illustrator

Where to use :

Most of all, beginners, try to learn each and every thing without knowing where to use it. Here I suggest that, you can use this small how to trick for infographics, presentation, etc. Make this pie chart quickly according to your requirement and save for web to get .png and .jpg image.

If you want more accurate result according to guidelines, use rulers (ctrl+R) and make partition according to it. So draw circle from the center or set reference point from Transform panel (top menubar).

This is it for this tutorial. Hope you understand all the instructions and like these easy steps to make pie chart in illustrator. Furthermore, Let me know your difficulties and suggestions via comments. Moreover, let me know, if you want any other help related to this graphic software. Keep learning from my other tutorial also.

Janki is a graphic designer. She has created so many logo for local brands and icons for android and ios mobile apps. Moreover she likes to write on web design and development, graphic design, etc.

Janki Rathore

Janki is a graphic designer. She has created so many logo for local brands and icons for android and ios mobile apps. Moreover she likes to write on web design and development, graphic design, etc.

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