8 Unconventional Ways to Use Your CRM Software

CRM Software Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

CRM is considered to be the most vital tool for all the businesses today managing and evaluating the customer interactions. Along with the data throughout the customer life cycle. By tracking down the communications at every touch point, CRM even today has the functionality of managing the data, improving customer retention and driving sales growth.

As the technology for CRM has advanced, CRM has also evolved to effectively arm the businesses with the tools of targeting their customers and vet other potential opportunities. However CRM does have the capacity of more number of tasks than what people are actually aware off. Given here are the eight unconventional ways businesses can utilize their CRM software outside. Extracting sales and a greater value for you and their business.

Choosing the right software for your business

One of the best ways to get your sales representatives choose the software is to actually help them sell more. So make sure that your new CRM software includes features and functions that align with how your team will sell, rather than over whelming them with some unnecessary bells and whistles. Try to have a system that will help in solving the problems of the bigger representatives, rather than increasing their problems making their jobs much easier.

Providing adequate training

Without any kind of proper training given, CRM software is generally considered to be a sinking ship. In case the sales representatives do not know how to use the software they will not just become frustrated but would also just land up blaming the software for no reason. They might even refuse to use it again in the organization. So as a head of the organization do make sure that your reps are speeding up their system for the future sales activities. Conduct training sessions and utilizing the vendor support programs.

Making Core CRM Useful in order to drive adoption

Nothing good can come out from a CRM unless and until the sales team would put an effort of adding information into it. You can never expect good account plans, quotes and pipeline forecasts from a system with spotty or poor information. However while trying to adopt crm, too often we emphasize the tracking and accountability elements of crm rather than the benefits that it was generally lead us with.

Doing more with less

Small business organizations sales team help in managing their books of business in a better manner when they have the right tools to do the job. Managing multiple clients or meetings large quotas is never that easy. Customer relationship management software that can’t keep everything organized for both individual salespeople and team. The sales team would not just be able to manage their leads, contacts and deals but a centralized tool would also help people manage and share information as required. There are some companies specializing in email verification services and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides.

google alerts

Setting up alerts

Having alerts being set can help you follow up with individuals on timely basis. Alerts help you follow up with deal milestone, presentations, or trigger new activities when you have never spoken to a client in a while. Setting up alerts would help you be proactive, attentive and show customers whom you aim to please. An alert feature would here also drive success. Especially if you have been managing many different clients that don’t run on daily basis. Juggling multiple accounts is never that easy. But being able to set up alerts can make it hard enough for things to slip down through tracks.

Supplementing the marketing process

As a crucial piece of the marketing strategy of any business, CRM help the organizations to get sharp through the feedback given on their performance illustrating what the customers feel and think about their offerings. In these cases organizations can also pinpoint their most loyal customers. Then treating them to a product promotion, participating in the beta testing phase along with marketing research opportunities. These types of practices help customers build loyalty increasing customer retention and lifetime value.

Your customers are mobile and your marketers will be too

By the end of 2016 two thirds of the work force will be owning a smart phone with 40% of the work force being on mobile. The demand seems to be increasing. Due to this mobile CRM is now becoming a must for many small and medium sized business organizations. A CRM that recognizes and maximizes mobile sales. Maximizing the marketing opportunities would continue to create more effective customer prospect outreach and support.

Avoiding the Print Button

What’s really necessary to print? Of course this is something that generally depends on the role you are having. But most of us don’t require it on a newspaper. Our documents, activities, emails and more are things that are saved in super office.

To conclude these are concepts we have heard and seen before, and are still used as the fundamental building blocks of a healthy sales organization. And too many companies too this have glossed over these fundamentals with favor of just latching on to be a top performer attempting to the clone of behavior. This is a hit or miss approach where focusing on the above CRM software fundamentals. It would help you build an entire team of the top performers increasing the ROI.

We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.


We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.

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