Workplace Bullying- How Bad Can It Actually Get?

Bullying is not just limited to school yards or the cyber world. It can take place anywhere and at any time, in any context. In the workplace there are frequently occurring bullying cases, you can occasionally find. While the context maybe a little changed, the mistreatment is usually very common across all forms of bullying. This could include, humiliation, verbal, physical, psychological and even emotional abuse. But the effects of workplace bullying are usually two fold. While the victim suffers from many physical and psychological effects, the company also has to face some serious difficulties.

The effects of workplace bullying on employers and ways of tackling it :

  • Decreased productivity

One of the major costly setbacks a company may face when any of their employees are being bullied is extremely reduced productivity. If there is any victim unfairly treated by the fellow co-workers, he or she would eventually feel like the company is also being unfair to them. Moreover, workplace bullying leads to psychological and emotional trauma which would take their mind off of work and on to other aspects of the workplace like looking for means of protection by either avoiding situations where the perpetrator may be present or thinking about ways of defending themselves. Companies can help manage such situations with the help of monitoring applications. If a case like this does arises, the company can take extra precautions and keep a strict eye on the employee in question. This is possible to do via different features like :

  1. Monitoring the employee in questions, emails, calls and text messages. Basically all communication channels within the work place
  2. Checking their internet browser history for any searches that may have taken place that could potentially harm the company or themselves.
  • Hostile work environment

A victimized employee will always feel that everyone is against him. In this case he or she will speak out confidants that would help him build a group of his own. This would in turn cause disruption in the work place and there won’t be any cohesion. Companies can identify such scenarios through work place monitoring via monitoring applications like TheOneSpy application.

  1. By monitoring correspondences within the company channels, employers can make out different hostilities and work towards solving these.
  2. If anything is getting too much out of hand, employers can also use phone bugging to listen onto conversations to identify different ideas and hostile plans.
  • Added absenteeism

Disturbed employers will most definitely have very reduced motivation to come to work in the mornings. They will be taking extra leaves and along with their regular sick and paid leaves. This is a red flag for employers and by identifying a pattern; the employer can work towards solving the underlying issue trough monitoring applications. This can do via:

  1. Keeping a check on the calendar activities that could help the employer identify why the employee is taking so many leaves.
  2. Tracking their whereabouts to make sure that the employee is not getting into any harmful circumstances that could include drugs and substance abuse. If the employee is going to see a counselor, this can be extremely beneficial. So the employer can help support his decision through other added perks like reduced work load etc.
  • Risks of legal issues

If things get way out of hand, it could lead to a full blown legal issue. If the employees stuck in a tiff and a case of harassment takes place, it will seriously affect the company’s overall image. The negative publicity could cause a strong shift in the market structures which could very well lead to a company’s downfall in market share. Through monitoring applications, employers can avoid such situations:

  1. Monitor all communications taking within and outside the workplace. If any employee is seeking legal advice, it is best the company handles the issue with their own lawyers present.
  2. Definitely a backup must form for later use, if the company will get bug calls or messages of the employees. This could come in handy as evidence in court.


Workplace bullying can become a serious issue for both employers and employees. The problems can increase tenfold and effect the company’s reputation as well. if it will not control at the right time.

We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.


We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.

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