How To Use Customer Data For Ecommerce Marketing?

Every business needs the support of marketing activities to stay in competition in this ruthless eCommerce environment. The importance and ever expanding scope of the eCommerce marketing can be understood from the fact. “Digital interactions influenced retail sales to the tune of $2.2 trillion in 2015” as per the report of Hosting Facts, an eCommerce web hosting company.

Ecommerce Marketing Activities

It is important to make the optimum use of marketing activities for grabbing higher conversion rates and sales. It is not mandatory always to hire the services of a reputed marketing agency as customer data is capable enough to offer you crucial insights. If you are still ignorant about the impact of customer data in the marketing campaigns for your eCommerce store, it is time to take a quick look. Here are the few ways by which customer data can be of great help for your eCommerce site.

It helps in analyzing the shopping pattern of a visitor- For any eCommerce store, it is important to understand the shopping behavior of its targeted customers. It is an important step that can optimize the product sales and conversions for any eCommerce store. You need to know when your shoppers make an online purchase, what are their areas of interest, what are their targeted price segment and other such critical information. You need not to manually dig deeper to obtain this information as an effective heatmap tool can perform this task in an effortless manner.

Customer specific data usage

Make the proper use of customer specific data to boost the product sales on your eCommerce store. Try to explore the purchasing mindset of your targeted customers to make your cash counter ringing again. In this way, eCommerce marketing team can have a bulk of customer data for the effective targeting and re-targeting of their customers.

Showcase related products based on your customer search. It will be a good exercise to keep a track of your visitor activity on your eCommerce site to ensure rewarding business results. By offering similar products to their customers, site owners can persuade them to purchase alternate products through up-selling and cross-selling strategies.

Heatmap Tool

This product recommendation strategy is actively used by the eCommerce giants like Amazon that offers a personalized shopping experience. It is based on the user’s search and interest. Here is a screenshot of the Amazon site that is proficient in the crucial task of the  product recommendations for its targeted customers.

By showing relevant products to customers, it will be much easier for any eCommerce site to improve their conversion rates and product sales without any trouble. So, do involve in the task of product recommendation for the success of your eCommerce marketing efforts.

Utilize customer data to offer products related to a particular event or occasion. Based on the location of a customer, it is now easier to gather information about an upcoming event/occasion in a particular geographical area. For example, if you have American customers on your site, you can offer specific deals regarding upcoming events. Some of them like Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day to boost your product sales and conversions.

Location base details

Gathering location specific details of your customer. It can be a huge advantage for your eCommerce store and can help in optimizing the product sales tremendously.

Send promotional updates to your targeted customers. The presence of customer details can help site owners in the customer acquisition and targeting activities in an effective manner. You can send promotional emails regarding a sales event/occasion, subscription requests for a newsletter/ free ebook or any other. Such updates to customers for grabbing higher conversion rates.

This critical customer information help the site owners in creating personalized emails for their customers for better customer targeting activities. Check out this personalized email message from Pingdom that encourages its customers to take up the paid plan of its website speed optimization tool.

Customer data

Use customer data to reward your loyal customers. By getting clear insight about your regular and random customers, it will be much easier to reward your loyal customers. You can offer special offers and perks to loyal customers through gift vouchers, coupon codes or product discounts. All these initiatives not only help in improving the conversion rates and sales for any eCommerce store. It helps to make the customer more engaged to a website. There is no need to forget those customers that are supporting your website in the “thick and thin” times equally by rewarding them suitably.

Conclusion : E-Commerce marketing is an effective way to boost the conversions and sales of an online store. It makes sense to take the help of customer data that can play an effective role in marketing. Promotional campaigns to grab higher revenue sales. Remember that the “customer is the focus point of all business activities”. So they need to be provided appropriate attention.

We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.


We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.

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