2017’s Top Social Media Trends That Every Marketer Should Know

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Being a new age marketer, you always have to keep up with every evolving trends in traditional as well as in social media marketing. From past few years digital media has been a just a part contributing to your digital presence via social media marketing but now it’s has emerged as one of the powerful marketing channel.

If ever the history of new age marketing is written  there will be two era, one emergence of communal media as a popular marketing tool, and the second marketing trends post social media and beyond.

The combined power of communal media with other digital marketing tools like email, phone, video, television, direct mail and others, has evolved social marketing as an unavoidable marketing channel of modern age. As we are treading towards 2017, it’s very obvious that shared media is not only to stay for long but it will also dominate all marketing trends in coming years.

Below are the top social media trends in 2017 that all social media marketers should be looking forward to.

  1. ‘Snap’ aka Snapchat will open new Doors!

Everything is going live streaming (Facebook, Instagram, vine), but still Snapchat is ruling social trends. The year 2016 has witness of ‘Snapchat’ as new member in social media marketing. Snapchat, which is now known as ‘snap’ has evolved a lot, and it’s ever growing popularity has paved way to lot many interesting marketing opportunities in coming year. .

Snap has already set a huge user expectation and has created a loud buzz in social media marketing platforms like Instagram and twitter. In 2017 ‘Snap will bring back the visual communication which has been age old fascination, and living and re-living visual moment via sharing live content that too in real time.

  1. Twitter Will Fade, If not Evolved

The hangover from twitter trending and hashtag will worsen. To make twitter driven social media marketing in 2017, it must evolve. By including elements like hashtag and Repost features for better user experience platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Periscope are almost replacing the twitter.

  1. Users will demand For More Meat

In the coming years social media audience as well as users will demand more substantial content than just mere status update. They will crave for images, and videos to for a vicarious experiences.

It’s no longer about just tagging or hashtag but beyond. The real-time social updates along with videos and images will win more brownie points as it will reflect the genuineness of particular status update or life event.

  1. Connect & Communicate Beyond Virtual World

Social media users and marketers will find more than one way to socialize online and beyond. Basically social media was limited to online users only but now you have numerous way to merge social media and other direct marketing tools.

Digital media has been now revolutionised by using platforms like Twitter, Facebook for professional communication.  In the coming year it is expected to see marketers to cash more on social media by unleashing their potential with direct marketing, email marketing, tele-marketing and other rational marketing tools.

  1. Online Ads Wil be More Expensive

One of the major reason for social media to be more popular amongst new age marketer is that it give maximum visibility with minimum investment.

It will be also observed in 2017 that there will be acute decline in organic visibility and more companies will opt for paid social advertisement for their targeted audience. Thus, online societal ads will be an expensive affair in coming years.

To Conclude …

New social media platforms has features like real-time videos, video streaming, v-blogs, blogs, and so on. They have drastically transformed the way we do marketing via social media channels. Thus, in order to keep up with the ever evolving social marketing paradigm shifts, it’s highly important that all marketing experts should learn to adapt aforementioned latest social media trends and technique.

As far as SEO driven content strategy is concerned, they will still be considered as one of the strongest pillars for societal marketing and specialized in email appending services. Which social marketing platform you are using for your brand? Any other social marketing trends you are looking forward in 2017? If yes, please share them in comments, I would love to hear them too.

We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.


We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.

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