17 Magento Extensions For Your Store To Consider

Magento extensiosn are considered the best for e-commerce CMS. Yes, it is a little tough to implement but provides stunning e-commerce solution. One can customize it with some extraordinary extensions that can make it awesome. These extensions let you enhance the functionalities of your website without any need for coding or programming from any magento development company and provides great features for your website.

Here is the list of some extensive magento extensions that can enhance your website functionalities, looks and features:

1. Creare SEO

Creare SEO is a great extension that provides features and settings to enhance the performance of Magento e-commerce websites. You will be provided with a list of new tools and settings that can back you up while fighting against unwanted 404 pages and duplicate content.

SEO is a crucial element of any websites as they only provide traffic to these websites from search engines. Creare SEO is a great tool to enhance your search engine optimization and rank your website in SERPs.

2. Related Product Manager

Are you tired of adding ‘related products’ in each product section? Then this is a great news for you. This extension automatically generates related items. Upsells and cross-sells for your whole product catalog with just one click. The related product manager is a plugin that uses existing customer’s info to detect and manage related products easily.

3. Mouseover Zoom

The Mouseover zoom plugin is the regular image gallery of ecommerce store that is able to replace cloud zoom widget. This simply enables the customer to hover on the images and visuals to bring up clearer and enhanced visuals instead of using controls.

This is a brilliant tool that enables the user to view any product image with a clearer view without even clicking on the images. The user only needs to hover the mouse over the image to view the zoomed version of it.

4. Easy Catalog images 2.0

Easy Catalog images 2.0 is a free magento images extension that helps to display child categories in the catalog of products. The installation and full configuration will take only 5 minutes of duration.

This is an awesome tool to integrate images catalog in your e-commerce website. It provides catalog functions to each category and subcategories.

5. Single Product Category Redirect

If you are creating any website that uses combinations of both Magento and WordPress then this extension can be helpful for you. People normally uses magento for e-commerce functionality while WordPress for manage pages and blogs. In these cases handling both of them can be a little bit confusing and there comes the need of this extension.

6. One Step Check extension for Magento

When talking about the best extensions, one step checkout extension can be the first pick. It provides an awesome module that makes the checkout process simple. It simply reduces the checkout processing and eases the order processing system.

This extension provides ease of access to users for Magento CMS for creating single page checkout process. Making checkout processes easier can be great and fruitful for your clients and visitors.

7. Banner Slider Magento Plugin

Banner slider Magento extension is one of the best free and powerful marketing tool that allows creating and displaying a lot of sliders on any of the sites. Using sliders in e-commerce websites are critical and crucial tasks as it creates more user engagements and enhances the conversion rates. Users can directly access these sliders and products for their ease with the help of these extensions.

The extension provides features to manage the 100% responsive sliders for any e-commerce websites and recommended by Magento development company.

8. Multiple Select In Layered Navigation

This extension enables store customer to impose multiple values of same filter criteria. You can select more than one options at one time. But by default behavior it allows anyone to opt for only one option from each group.

Multiple select in layered navigation extension can be quite useful to make significant changes on your website as it provides you to edit and opt for multiple values of any filter or option.

9. Prevent SPAM with Akismet

Akismet is a wonderful solution for WordPress as well as Magento for preventing spam comments on your website. This extension allows to reduce spam and prevent from receiving unwanted mail from your contact pages. You can also get rid of unwanted product reviews of your product from unknown people.

Akismet is the most popular and widely used extension that is capable of preventing all kind of spams of your website. It is most loved by the bloggers of WordPress CMS and in Magento it is also quite famous. It is free as well as paid extension that you can opt according to your need and desired features.

10. SmartCheckOut- OnePage Checkout

The smart checkout extension creates fully responsive checkout pages with Ajax powered zero reload feature. As checkout process is the sensitive and important part of any e-commerce website which includes many phases to complete.

The checkout processes utilize many complicated steps and form elements that simply irritates the customer while buying any product and services. One should make sure to keep the ‘checkout process form’ more simple and user-friendly to make websites easy to use for your customers and visitors. This extension does the same with creating 100% responsive checkout pages with less phase that makes customer hassle-free checkout process.

The extension also provides wide support for all payment gateways and shipping options and allow you to make some great customization without playing with critical codes.

11. SEOSpace Pro

SEOSpace Magento is one of the crucial Magento SEO extension that is needed for Magento store owners. This consists of various SEO functionalities that help users to customize and optimize images titles, pages content, and canonical URLs.

12. Quick Contact

Quick Contact extension enables customers to send feedback and customer reviews to your website in reliable and faster way. Along with this it also enables admin to manage all emails and contacts as well. This is a free extension that makes your website close to expectations of the customers.

13. Magento blog

This extension replaces the regular image gallery of magento with cloud zoom widget. This makes your e-commerce website easily featured with blogging functionalities. And you will no longer need to integrate WordPress to achieve blogging facility.

14. Single Sign-on For Magento & WordPress

In many cases, the websites are built with combinations of WordPress and Magento CMS together. This is simply done because of the need of e-commerce functionalities along with the blogging feature. WordPress is integrated with Magento to complete the need of blogging feature along with some special pages structuring.

This plugin enables the common registration process for these CMS together. So the members can use same credentials to check out from Magento e-commerce store and comment on the WordPress blog and don’t need to register for both of them separately.

15. Magento Gift Registry Extension

The magento Gift Registry extension is an ultra-powerful tool for boosting online sales as well as driving new customers to an e-commerce store. Along with this, this extension will easily allow customers to receive and provide gifts by sharing gift registry to friends and family.

16. Catalog Search Refinement

This is a free extension launched by Activo and is very simple and reliable extension that makes default Magento search results more relevant and meaningful. It simply allows users to refine their search while they use their custom search keywords.

Along with this, this extension also modifies the default search behaviors to display only pages that contain all search keywords. It is a free extension for Magento which modifies your default search behavior to display only pages that contain multiple desired keywords of your need.

17. Magento Product Feed

The Magento product feed module generates product feed in CSV file so that this product information can be used externally. This CSV file can also be used by Google Base, eBay, Facebook, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, Yahoo store, Kelkoo, Shopping.com, Pricecanada.com, Nextag, Froogle and much more.

This CSV file contains all the essential and basic attributes information of the product and the admin can manage all relative attributes into CSV file.

Magento is no doubt a great tool to design e-commerce websites. But there are many functionalities that it still lacks. All the above extensions are designed to fulfill the missing requirement of Magento with little effort and provide functionalities as desired.

The above-listed extensions are brilliant pick and one can achieve the desired functionalities with ease in not time. The best part of these extensions is that it reduces your effort of coding and technical functionalities. Because the prebuilt extensions can fulfill your wish without any need of external coding or programming. We have gathered the list of this great extension according to their utilization value and need. If you think we have missed some more important extensions to include in this list then you can simply suggest the same through our comments sections.

We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.


We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.

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