Fundamentals Of FAQ Pages For eCommerce Site

What is FAQ page?

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section or page is a web page in your online ecommerce store where you can address common concerns, questions or objections which your customers may have. It also tells about your company, products or services but it is not same as the About Us page of your store, it is different.

It can be the next destination of your customers after they land on your website’s homepage, to search the answers to their specific questions about the products or business. The question, query or suggestion can come from anywhere and may cover new, uncovered topics, however, it is a page which needs to be updated on regular basis.

You may have created a FAQ page on your website with the questions which you already answered to some of your customers but you may receive new queries from other customers too. So, here you need to judge whether, you want to add those questions on the FAQ page or not. When you decide to add any new question and answer first think whether your other customers will find those interesting and useful.

When you answer all the questions correctly and clearly, it gives an option for you to connect with your customers and reflect your business and brand.

Purpose of the FAQ Page on eCommerce Store

The main purpose of FAQ pages is that it provides the frequently asked questions and answers related to your business. But, this is not the only purpose of this page.

An FAQ section when utilized correctly on your store, it can perform several other functions, such as:

  • Helps in removing the problems associated with product purchase which the product page doesn’t address.
  • Reduces the burden on customer support as it provides answers to common questions publicly.
  • Improves the SEO and navigation on the site.
  • Helps in earning faith of the customers by describing your business model and indicating your expertise in product.

You can take the advantage of this FAQ section or page to address the issues of your customers.


What Areas It Covers?

The FAQ pages can cover various processes and policies from your eCommerce store. But it should include the basic process of the ordering and shipping. The page covers different specific areas which would consist of shipping policies, transaction, returns, exchanges and reimbursement policy.

You can include some Product-specific details like the chart for clothes sizes, specifications or any requirements for the electronic products. Along with these it also shows the information regarding discounts, coupons and promotions.

With the concerns related to the above areas, don’t forget to share your contact information. This will make the customers contact you easily, if you are stuck somewhere or they are unable find any answer for their concern.

Why FAQ for eCommerce Websites?

The advantages an eCommerce get from the FAQ page, makes it a must section on every eCommerce website. Have a look at the reasons for creating an FAQ page in online store:

Time Saver:

An FAQ page on your store will save a lot of your precious time which you can utilize in completing other tasks. You don’t have to answer every question individually. If any customer asks you question you can share the link of the page or include that answer in the message or email and send it to your customers.

Bonding with Customers:

With the FAQs on your store, you can create great bonding with your customers. The FAQs can show the transparency you have in answering the questions and they will build faith in you and become the loyal customers. Once they will have faith and confidence in you, they will come back to you again and again.

Improves the Website Navigation:

While answering the questions, you can include some hyperlinks in between to make customers refer those links for better understanding. The hyperlinks to some product, service, or any other page helps the customer to navigate easily on the site to find the correct answer of their questions.

Improves SEO:

An FAQ is not helpful just to visitors but also to the search engines too. The search engines take up the keywords, good content and other relevant information to increase the search rankings.

Perform Website Analysis:

By analyzing the data of the customers and FAQ page, you can decide about what to change and maintain on the FAQ page. Once you will analyze the page, you will get to know about from where the customer landed on your FAQ page, duration of customers on the FAQ Page, their interest and on which page they went after reading the FAQs. With these information you can manage the page with updated FAQs.

How to Create a Good FAQ page?

Classify the Questions:

You have large set of questions or even less questions to display on the FAQ page. But, to make to find the answers of the questions easy for the customers, you need to classify them into some relevant headings. For example, headings of Products, Shipping methods, payment, exchange or return, business models etc. including the question-answers with the related topics.

Keep Brief Paragraphs:

While writing down the answers for the frequently asked questions, don’t write long paragraphs, just be to the point and include only relevant information in easy to understand language. Don’t forget that the customers or visitors who come to the FAQ page are always in a hurry and they are not going to devote their time in reading long answers. So, keep it as concise and point wise as possible.

Use Layman’s language:

The language which you use while crafting the questions and answers should be very easy which can be understood any customer. Do not include complex words to show your English language, just keep the sentences and words as simple as possible.

The language should not be such that after visiting your FAQ page, customers end up getting more complicated and confused.

Collect Customer Feedbacks:

When you are creating the FAQ page, don’t include the questions which you think customers may ask you. You can include the actual questions which your customers have asked you. For getting the relevant questions, you can get in touch with your customer service team.

Add Visual Elements:

Adding texts in the FAQ section is most common thing to do. But it is not a rule that you can use any visual element in the FAQ section or you need to keep it simple. You can use visual elements such as images, infographic, videos, etc. to support your answers and make the page look informative as well as interactive.

Activate Search Feature:

You may have a large pool of questions and answers on the FAQ page. Even if you categorise it under relevant headings, it still is difficult to go through those questions. However, on the page, give the feature of search to your customers for the required FAQ. This is alleviate the scrolling down the whole page for finding the desired answer.

When to Create an FAQ Page for You Web store?

There are various reasons to create an FAQ page for your online store. But, some of the shop owners think that which conditions suits the best for creating and displaying FAQs on the website or when is the need for creating an FAQ page for the website?

Create the FAQ page if,

  • You are receiving several emails or messages from the customers asking the same questions on regular basis, then it is better to answer those questions through FAQ page.
  • Site owner want to increase the conversion rates by creating some unique content or landing pages.
  • You have some questions or concerns raised on your product, service or business, then you can address those questions and concerns best with FAQs.

All the conditions give you a unique opportunity to focus on the queries or concerns. Find the way to reduce the difficulties which come on the path to purchase or buy any product from you.

Tips to Write FAQ for your eCommerce Store

Here, let us share few tips to offer support to your customer through FAQ page:

  1. The heading of the FAQ page categories should contain a hyperlink which will help the customers to go to that category to find the answers they are looking for.
  2. Do not consider and create the FAQ page as the guide of your website. It should only include the important, relevant and common questions and answers.
  3. You can include links in the answers for the customers to explore more about that topic or any additional information.
  4. Use the real question in FAQ page which has been asked by your customers.
  5. While updating the FAQ page on regular basis, include the new FAQs and remove the irrelevant FAQs from the page.
  6. If you can create the answers using points or steps, then don’t write that in the paragraph. This will help the customers to go through it quickly.
  7. When you have created the FAQ page, the questions-answers which you have incorporated should relate to your product, services and support. It should not focus on Marketing of any of your product or services. Do remember that the FAQ page is to serve the purpose of providing support to your customers and not doing the marketing.
Final Thoughts

If you want to create the FAQ page for your Magento eCommerce store, you need to make sure that it is discoverable by most of your customers. You may do a lot of research before you actually create this page. You will find that FAQ pages from most of the site are located at the bottom of the website.

But along with creating the best FAQ page for your store, you also need to focus on the location of that link. Try to incorporate the FAQ page link on Support page or Contact Us page. Make navigation menu which will make it discoverable easily.

Most of people think to focus on the FAQ page lately. But it can benefit your business in different ways, from reducing the load on customer support to removing the issues in product purchase.

We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.


We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.

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