Best Diet To Stop Diarrhea In Toddlers

Diet is generally considerable for heavy weigh humans, but sometimes it’s necessary for toddlers also. Kids are most likely to suffer from diarrhea due to of weak digestive system. On a serious note, constant lose motion can lead to dehydration which can be a catastrophic situation for infants. Thus, it should not be ignored and moms should seek for something which can get control over diarrhea.

Caution: Usually diarrhea disappears within a day, if it’s not then you should get immediate medical help.

When it comes to treat diarrhea in toddlers at home, BRAT diet is the first choice of moms. It is one of the best diets that effectively work for diarrhea in kids.

BRAT Diet is an acronym of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. These are low fiber foods which are easy to digest and cure lose motion immediately.

There are two modifications of BRAT diet such as; BRATY (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast, Yogurt) and BRATT (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast, Tea) are favorable to stop diarrhea in adults as well.

However, most nutritionists not preferred this diet in worse situations because it is lacking in some essential minerals and vitamins. Thus, BRAT diet should be followed with expert’s prescriptions for kids with constant diarrhea.

How BRAT Diet Foods Aid in Diarrhea?

BRAT diet foods consists of bland foods which are good sources of potassium, contains “pectin” which is an anti-diarrhea component. Potassium helps your body to regain lost nutrients and pectin makes stools firmer.

For better taste and effectiveness you can even add more foods in your BRAT diet dish like clear liquids, cereal, coconut water, fruits without skin, natural fruit juices, well-cooked veggies and eggs.

How to Follow BRAT Diet for Children?

It’s heard to digest anything during diarrhea for kids and thus slow and steady feeding is advisable. Start with one small sip of clear liquids, if kid can tolerate it easily then go for another sip. If resume vomiting is not visible then you can go for BRAT foods slowly.

Don’t expand your menu before kid’s digestive system is able to tolerate foods easily.

Important Things to Consider About BRAT Diet

You should avoid this bland food if symptoms of acute fever, blood in stools, dehydration and constant vomiting are there.

Foods to Avoid in BRAT Diet

There are certain foods you should not add in your BRAT food such as; dried fruit, nuts and seeds, raw vegetables, fruits with skin, unnatural fruit juices, dairy products with added sugar, high fiber foods, high fat foods, etc. These foods are hard to digest for kids and cannot control lose motion.

In brief; this diet has ability to maintain the water balance during diarrhea which is the main concern when it comes to control lose motion. BRAT food prevents excessive fluid lose by keeping your kids hydrated and thus it gradually improve the disturbed intestine and digestive power as well.

Advice: Of course it is one of the best diets to cure diarrhea in kids at home, but still doctor’s prescription is even better for your toddler’s health.

We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.


We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.

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