Tips To Ensure Security For Android Application Development

After observing the growing popularity of smartphones, mobile devices and digital gadgets in routine life, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals decided to use this platform to market their products and services. To execute their aims, android app development company’s developers create suitable flow of data that are capable of running on different mobile devices. Among these design and development platforms, Android apps and Android phones have gained tremendous popularity among both business owners and customers. User-friendly features and affordable cost played an important role in their incredible success in a short period of time. During the last couple of years, smartphones have dramatically changed the way we access information. We use our smartphones not only to start product search but also to get in touch with our service providers. Despite offering these benefits, shifting data in the virtual world increase its exposure to hackers and attackers. Especially, in the case of an android mobile user, such incidents of data breaching have become so common due to the weak coding of the app. However, security can be promised with strong code.

You might be searching for Android developers; make sure to find a developer who is capable of writing an extremely secure code that does not allow external intrusion. Here I am sharing few simple tips to guide android developers and users, which enable them to design a secure app.

Don’t forget to validate it

Although, developer is using technologies like DEP and ASLR to reduce security risks, input fields like name and passwords are also validated. If these actions are not taken hackers intrude the account with SQL injection queries. Moreover, cloud data backup should also be validated to avoid data loss.

Do encrypt communication between client and server

SSL- Secure Socket Layer and HTTPS are the two methods that encrypt communication between client and server. In case a developer incorrectly uses SSL and leaves the loopholes that allow hackers to intrude the data over the internet. In addition to encryption HTTPS also offers a high level of security to an app,

Do avoid data leakage

Data leakage is one of the common security problems which happened when the information is accessed by other apps. This issue can be efficiently resolved with threat modelling during testing phase to ensure that data is totally secured cannot be copied by intruders.

Do reduce the number of permissions

A genuine developer truly understands the needs of customers for android app development and knows how to value their time.  He doesn’t access unnecessary stuff in the user device. A user-friendly android app doesn’t ask permission from users when they are installing on their device. As soon as the user started using it, it asks users to access relevant features and data in the device. This allows users to detect whether the permission notification is relevant or not.

Do Encrypt saved data

As we know android apps store data within their sandbox and claims unmatched data security even when data is shared with rooted devices. However, to ensure security data encryption is mandatory and it should not be stored in plain text.

Summary: Whether you are an Android developer or you are seeking to hire an android developer to build up an app with unmatched security, keeps these simple tips in your mind.

We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.


We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.

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