The Three Incredible Falls In Karnataka You Must Visit At Your Weekend

Bangalore is a beautiful place in Karnataka as it has combined itself with nature. The city is the central place for software engineers and software companies in India. All the great companies in the world at least have the one branch in Bangalore. This is why Bangalore got the name of Silicon Valley. There is a lot of places in and around Bangalore for couples. Most of them are the park and filled with green trees and colorful flowers.

People from Bangalore often visits nearby tourist spots to relax from the stresses due to their massive works on weekdays. Here is the three of the best waterfalls which can give you joy and peace.

Irupu Falls

This is one beautiful fall in Bangalore and almost near Kerala district of Wayanad. From Bangalore, you have to make travel of 280 KM to reach the falls. The Irupu Falls is located in Brahmagiri Hills in Coorg District of Karnataka. The falls also called as Lakshmana Theertha. After originating from the Hills, it is mixed with the Kaveri river. The best beauty of the falls is that it has located in the thick green forest. Couples love to play in the falling water while taking the bath and no wonder this falls made into favourite falls list of couples and became the best picnic spot. You should get permission from State Forest department before entering the area.

To reach the falls, first, you have to do trekking to Narimale forest camp after that you have to walk to Brahmagiri peak. The water makes 170 feet downfall to reach the bottom. This place is not only for couples and family members but also for pilgrimages. The place is famous for a Shiva temple located on one side of the river path of Lakshmana Theertha.

According to Ramayana history, Once the Rama and Lakshmana were in search of Sita. The Rama had the thirsty at the time, and he asked Lakshmana to bring water for him. Lakshmana Hit the hill with an arrow and created the falls then brought the water to Rama. The Shiva Lingam in that temple is said to have placed inside the temple by Rama itself. So if you are a pilgrimage, you should visit the temple to pray the wonderful and historic Shiva Linga. The best time to visit the fall is from August to January.

This is the time for the monsoon, and it will give you a picturesque view with rainfall along with floating clouds. If you are coming by flight, then Kozhikode airport is the nearest one, but if your choice is train travel, then Mysore railway station is the best choice.

Jog Falls

This is another tallest falls in India located in Shimoga district of Karnataka. The fall is 400 KM away from Bangalore, and the nearby town to the falls is Siddapur also called as Sirsi. Online bus booking is the best choice for reaching this place from Bangalore. The district is also near the world famous tourist destination Goa. The fall has other names too.

They are Gruppe Falls, Gersoppa Falls, and Jogada Gundi. So when you reach there remember these names because people may use any of the names mentioned above to point the spot. The fall is formed by Sharavathi River falling from a height of 830 Feet which are equal to the quarter Kilometer. You cannot directly take a bath as it the water falling speed has the power to break your neck. This will lead to death. The river water comes down as four different falls called rocket, rover, Raja, and Rani. Each of the falls have the different characteristic.

Jog falls

The main thing to enjoy in the falls is its view from the bottom. Think about it, You are standing under a falls in which the water is falling from a height of 250M. It will look likes the rain is raining in one place. The best time to visit the place is summer and winter season because the falls will be aggressive in monsoon.

Transport options for the falls

  • By Bus travel from any of the city in Karnataka
  • The nearest railway station is Shimoga railway station
  • The nearest airport is Hubli Airport

Shivanasmudra Falls / Shivasamudram Travel Guide :

The Shivasamudram waterfalls is another beautiful waterfall in Karnataka. The fall is located in Mandya District of Karnataka. You can reach the falls from Bangalore, and Mysore and the nearest station is Mysore. The Shiva Samudra means Shiva’s Sea. The water in the place is looks like the ocean. The place is located in the way of Kaveri river.

The river divides the Kaveri into two falls. One is Gaganachukki waterfalls and the other is Bharachukki waterfall. Shivasamudram is a stream of parallel waterfalls which make the place most attractive tourist destination. The best time to visit this place is the monsoon. People visit here mostly among August and January. The peak time for this place is October to December. This three-month duration is exact monsoon time.

The Bharachukki waterfall is more famous than Gaganachukki. Both are parallel waterfalls, but you cannot see both of them at the same time. In bharachukki, you will be allowed to go near the waterfalls and whereas Gaganachukki there is a watch tower available to view and enjoy the scenery.

shiva samudram falls


If you are working in and around Bangalore, then you must visit all the falls to enjoy your time and relax your mind. Allocate a time for you and visit the falls one by one as they were located in different destinations. You cannot visit all of them within a day, and it is impossible to imagine. Go for a small tour apart from roaming the city shopping malls and theaters.

The more away you go, the more you will enjoy.” – John Holmes

A very impressive statement by John. If you go out of your place and explore the world, you will enjoy a lot and learn more. You are not limited to the country or a region. Human has the rights to go anywhere, and that is what the human’s mentality if they are not into continual earnings to live.

We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.


We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.

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