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CodeIgnitor Framework For PHP Application Development

One of the PHP frameworks – Code Igniter is open source and rapid development, web framework to build dynamic websites. This framework is based on MVC (Model-View-controller) development pattern, where controller classes are necessary part and models & views are optional parts for development. PHP is the server side scripting language and rapports with HTML in such a way to create great dynamic web based application and honing your OOP skills. CodeIgniter has a bunch of libraries, plugins, helpers and other resources, which take care of complex procedures and functions. This framework has the simple logical structure to access the database, library, and other resources. It will help you to create interactive and profession web application with less time.

To maintain modular grouping of the model, view, and controller, Codeigniter can be modified to use HMVC that is Hierarchical Model View Controller and organized them in a subdirectory folder. AditMicrosys – PHP application development company uses MVC approach – Model-View-Controller, three interconnected tiers.

  • Model : It represents data structures. This tier’s class contains methods that interact with databases.
  • View : A View is normally a web page, but it is also being the page fragment like the header or footer of the web page.
  • Controller : It is the mediator between Model and View. If there are any other resources used by your application to run properly than Controller works like intermediate there also.

The main reason behind to select this framework is its speed in comparison with other frameworks.

Reasons to choose CodeIgniter :

Simple to work : In CodeIgniter, you can easily drop class features from one party to another party.

Easily validate forms : Form validation class has set of rules defined and assigned to the validation object. This object automatically validates the data passed by URL.

Secure : A smooth and secure way to develop applications. Developers can configure board varieties of products using this framework.

Documentation : CodeIgniter framework uses various components and developers of this framework has created well-designed documentation on all methods.

Powerful framework : Open source and rapid platform for building dynamic websites.

Customization : Using a basic set of features, developers can build custom web applications as per requirement of the customer.

No coding rules : Rich set of the inbuilt library is used for fast project development.

MVC approach : In MVC approach, a controller loads information to access while development process. Model is optional for development and View is required to check the final output.

Flexibility : To handle complex and multi-functional web application like an e-commerce website, it provides a simple solution with no restrictive coding and zero configuration rules to migrate data from server to host.

These are the reasons that why PHP developers choose this framework. They build websites at fastest footstep to create best web applications. Hire dedicated CodeIgniter developers to make business as well as personal websites. Hire qualified and professional developers to solve all customization requirements and get the fruitful solution. Universal and Reusable PHP platform – CodeIgniter, develops a web application, websites, and eCommerce solutions. Simple and elegant micro PHP framework, CodeIgniter is the most popular in developers’ community to create full featured web apps.

We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.


We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.

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