Cost Of Building A WordPress Website

If you are any business owner and have no website or use out dated website format, then you must lose potential buyers of your product or service. It may harm your selling process. How can you come out from this situation? Here we give you solution on that. Yes, we recommend you some basic updating tips and it will rely on you that how you want to grow and manage your business with present and future internet world. At present, most of the people use smart phone and use internet to search things and places. They are always in rush when going to buy any product or service due to busy schedule of work. So they search things on internet and order online. If your website doesn’t look attractive and lack of proper product information, then it is obvious that user don’t want to purchase from you.

Why WordPress?

“Don’t work hard, be Smart” Follow this famous line and give your business website a new look using WordPress. Now you think why you go with WordPress only? The reason is : WordPress is suitable for all type of business needs. Its flexible, scalable and robust CMS – Content Management System handles all types of content – text, images, slideshows, videos, etc. So you just need to upload high quality data into it. No doubt, WordPress is free and open source for everyone and to use it, you just need to install it on server and use it with basic features. But if you want business, then you have to hire wordpress developers from reputed company and make your customize business website. Let’s see what the true cost of website design is!

Total cost of ownership analysis :

Use this free blogging software as legitimate business acquisition. Let’s see total cost of ownership analysis. It is the cost assessment based on time tested model use in IT world. The total cost can vary from purchase price due to some hidden costs like domain registration, hosting, premium theme / plugin purchase or development, developer fees, backup system, security, etc. Other than this it is depend on how you will manage your WordPress website:

  1. com,
  2. Self-hosted
  3. Managed WordPress hosting

Let’s check the above all options criteria.

  • Host you site with :

If you have already purchased domain name from any other provider, then Personal hosting plan will cost $5.25 per month. You can check various plans on WordPress website design also. Other than this if you want to go with premium theme, then it will run around $70 more. It is the great option for content producer. Through this you will be able to connect with your audience, build subscribers, grow social media following, offer online courses or membership and generate revenue. You can also check premium plan and business plan.

  • Self-hosted website :

You can go with other web hosting provider like, hostgator, godday and many more available. Select any of them whichever you feel affordable. Mostly, small business owners hire one developer to handle this domain registration, hosting and development process. That developer is the only person to handle responsibility about updating new things, backup data at specific time interval, etc. May be it will cost less, but what about security and website uptime?

  • Managed WordPress hosting :

If you don’t know anything to manage things than managed wordpress hosting is the best option. Because there are team of persons who assist and guide you to manage the stuff and run your business successfully. Security and Support are much better than other self-hosted provider. If you want to be on dedicated server, then your total cost will increase and it will vary often. So it is better to go on website to check price at the time of purchase.

We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.


We like to post article on technology, healthcare, food recipes, digital marketing, infographics, fashion and various business.

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